Notice of Website Closure


Dear friends of Chong Pang CC Youth Club,


            Thank you for visiting our website. To provide better outreach and interaction with you, we have decided to dedicate our resources to maintaining our Chong Pang Youth Club Facebook Group and Page, where we seek to provide timely updates on our activities, events and happenings in a bid to engage and serve you better. Therefore, it is with this decision that we regret to inform that our website has been closed down.

Nonetheless, we believe you have visited our website because you have an interest in what Chong Pang Youth Club can offer to you; or you have a specific query or curiosity point that we hope to address. Thus, we will like to invite you to join our Chong Pang Youth Club Facebook Group at and our Chong Pang CC Youth Club Facebook Page at Do feel free to post your question(s) and we promise that we shall get back to you at the earliest possible moment!

Alternatively, if you would like to keep your questions private, you are also welcome to send your queries to


Your friend always,

20th Chong Pang Youth Executive Committee